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Fun with GCC

February has probably been the busiest and most productive month since coming to France, both in terms of work and fellowship activities. After a few weeks of juggling between projects and finishing experiments, work is finally winding down a bit as I prepare for my visit to Belgium, which is in exactly one week. It’s a bit strange; I feel like I just unpacked, and I have to pack again. Three months – not exactly a long time but not short either. How do you pack for three months?

As for fellowship, the intense series of activities wrapped up with our Lantern Festival celebration on Saturday. It was similar to the Chinese new year celebration, only this time we had more helpers from Paris who brought along a short theatrical play that they performed. There were a riddle-solving contest, as riddle-solving is a traditional activity for the Lantern Festival. It seemed like the participants had tons of fun being part of the celebration, but I think it was much more fun being part of the organizing team. Seeing all the hard work of the past month paying off is worth all the back-aching nights of planning and preparation. Go team GCC!

Before and after the event, I was making an effort to ask my adorable friend Sharon to take as many pictures of me with my fellowship brothers and sisters, because I wanted to have some lovely memories to look at when I’m away. I missed quite a few people as it was hard to get everyone to take pictures with me throughout the busy day, but here are some good ones.

Annie and worship team member and event emcee, Bai Yu. I find that Bai Yu is always smiling and has a special, charming aura about her that makes people feel so happy and comfortable around her ❤ By the way, that big red dot on my face IS a sticker, not a gigantic pimple.

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Chinese new year!

It is belated, but happy Chinese new year!

On Saturday, February 5th, 2011, the Bordeaux Chinese Christian Fellowship organized a new year’s event in the form of a gospels gathering for the Chinese community of Bordeaux. The gathering took place at the new Cenon church and the flow of the event was as follows:

(1) Welcome and greeting
(2) Performance by worship team
(3) Testimony and sharing
(4) Message from pastor
(5) Response and benediction
(6) FOOD!

Weeks of preparation went into this event, and every brother and sister put in all of his/her effort into making the event a success and making our guests feel welcomed in the house of the Lord. I am still excited, three days later, when I think about that day when I experienced such joy and fulfillment…

With weekly worship team rehearsals and co-worker meetings during the entire month of January, I was beginning to feel like my work at fellowship is a full-time job rather than my PhD. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still doing fine and I haven’t neglected my responsibilities as a student. It just makes me feel so stress-relieved to be away from office politics and plunge into a family of love and comfort.

The event began at 11 o’clock in the morning, but with anticipation in our hearts, co-workers began their preparation at 8:30. Since our church just moved and the construction is not nearly complete at the new location, we weren’t left with great conditions to work with – no heat, no functional bathroom (there is a “chemical bathroom” and two public bathroom stalls nearby), and no structure. Great. It seemed like we had to start from nothing, didn’t it?

But God is amazing like that. He started us off with nothing and in the end, everything worked out. One couldn’t help but ask…what ISN’T possible?

I can only put a selected number of photos here but if you’re interested in seeing the full spectrum, feel free to visit the fellowship web site or Facebook.

Simple decorations, but the combination of red and yellow transformed an empty church into a bright haven. The set-up was rather delicate, in the that cross on the right was placed directly in front of a window pane. As the sun shone through, the two crosses gave off a yin-yang effect. Pretty neat. The centre of the stage would soon become a popular spot for after-event photo spree 😛

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