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Cheung Chau, the dumbbell island

The “dumbbell” island of Cheung Chau, so nicknamed because of its shape on a map, is one of the many tourist attractions near Hong Kong. By ferry, it takes about 40 minutes (an hour by slow boat) to reach from Hong Kong island, making it a perfect day trip. When my friend suggested it, she caught my interest by telling me that Cheung Chau would be a food lover’s heaven. In addition to an island breakaway, it’d also be a food hunt! Of course I more than gladly accepted because HEY, who wouldn’t want some super-sized mango mochi and giant curry fish balls?

Upon arriving at the ferry terminal, we realized that clearly we weren’t the only ones who were going after the mango mochi and curry fish balls, as the crowd waiting the board the ferry was huge! OK, they’re probably not all tourists, but I do wonder if this mass exodus from Hong Kong to Cheung Chau occurs on a daily basis. On the way to the island, my friend and I took the slower ferry with a travel time of one hour.

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Street art in Glasgow, part 1

As I’ve gotten to know Glasgow better over the past 10 months, I’ve noticed the rather abundant street art scene in the city. When I was in Louvain-la-Neuve, even such a small university community hid so many treasures within its walls, and Glasgow had the same, if not more, to offer. Of course, Glasgow is a much bigger city compared with LLN, if you could even call LLN a city or town at all. As with the LLN wall art collection, I’ve gone around taking photos of wall art from the streets of Glasgow. This will be part 1 because there are still so many that I haven’t had the chance to cover, so expect a part 2 to come eventually 🙂

Let’s start with somewhere close to home. This mural was found outside a tattoo shop right beside the Partick train station. Actually I’m not sure if it was painted on a wall or the door/gate of the shop – mental note to self to check when I pass by the place again.

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Streets of Bordeaux

Two days before May Day last week, on a tranquil Sunday afternoon, I quietly left my apartment and wandered to Place Pey Berland 5 minutes down the street. The sun was back. I could see blue sky and white clouds. I was happy. It was time for a long-awaited walk.

Place Pey Berland, the public square near the city hall, was filled with people like me taking an afternoon stroll. I guess sun is definitely a better motivation than rain in this regard, huh. Though the rain had seemingly left for the season, the deceiving rays of the sun seemed so welcoming as if saying, “Come, embrace the warmth!” Well I was not fooled. Along came some slightly chilly winds, but at least I was dry. And I remained happy.

I sat by the city hall, watching people come and go as they minded their own business. Then I popped out the camera. I had always wanted to try capturing “people” pictures but am perpetually afraid of shooting directly in front of passers-by, and what better opportunity did I have than this, as an innocent, unsuspecting stranger just enjoying her day idling under the sun?

I turned this series of photos into black and white because I wanted to look professional and pretend I knew what I was doing. Just kidding. I am far from being any pro and this is just a fun experiment. I am no street photographer and in fact, no photographer at all 😉 Also, I will be unconventional this time and leave out captions and descriptions for the pictures. Here we go.

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