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It’s all about Saint-André

Some time ago, I made a note to myself to write a post entirely dedicated to Saint-André cathedral, right in the centre of Bordeaux. I think the last time I mentioned it was more than a year ago. Now, it’s time to get down to business.

I pass by Saint-André every day when I take the tram to work, as it is centrally located in Place Pey Berland, beside the city hall at Hôtel de Ville station, which is also the interchange between tram lines A and B. Even so, every time I walk by it, I feel that sense of grandiosity surround me as the giant cathedral looms overhead. Day by day, I am still amazed by its magnificent architecture, falling in love with it inside out.

Over the two years since I’ve arrived in Bordeaux, I’ve taken a lot of random photos of Saint-André from different angles, some of which I will share with you here. Of course these are taken at various times, explaining the drastic different shades of the sky 😉

First up, we have the southern façade of Saint-André, taken in late January 2012. Tram line B passes right in front of it and I live right up ahead, near Palais de Justice. After visiting so many cities and seeing so many cathedrals in Europe, Saint-André remains my favourite one, though it may not be the largest or most impressive. Notable mentions go to the Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption in Clermont-Ferrand, France, the Dom in Cologne, Germany, and the Cathedral of Our Lady in Antwerp, Belgium.

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Streets of Bordeaux

Two days before May Day last week, on a tranquil Sunday afternoon, I quietly left my apartment and wandered to Place Pey Berland 5 minutes down the street. The sun was back. I could see blue sky and white clouds. I was happy. It was time for a long-awaited walk.

Place Pey Berland, the public square near the city hall, was filled with people like me taking an afternoon stroll. I guess sun is definitely a better motivation than rain in this regard, huh. Though the rain had seemingly left for the season, the deceiving rays of the sun seemed so welcoming as if saying, “Come, embrace the warmth!” Well I was not fooled. Along came some slightly chilly winds, but at least I was dry. And I remained happy.

I sat by the city hall, watching people come and go as they minded their own business. Then I popped out the camera. I had always wanted to try capturing “people” pictures but am perpetually afraid of shooting directly in front of passers-by, and what better opportunity did I have than this, as an innocent, unsuspecting stranger just enjoying her day idling under the sun?

I turned this series of photos into black and white because I wanted to look professional and pretend I knew what I was doing. Just kidding. I am far from being any pro and this is just a fun experiment. I am no street photographer and in fact, no photographer at all 😉 Also, I will be unconventional this time and leave out captions and descriptions for the pictures. Here we go.

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The pyramid of vegetables

The French people amaze me sometimes. During rush hour, it is understandable that the trams are jam packed with passengers. Just when you think that the tram is so full that you can’t even turn your head, 20 more people somehow manage to squeeze in one door at the next stop while the number of people exiting is…3. It seems like an everlasting positive feedback cycle where the net change in passengers is always positive – people get on, yet no one gets off…until Victoire. I also get quite pissed off when at a busy stop like Victoire, people getting on don’t wait till everyone has finished exiting before rushing onto the tram. It would be so much less chaotic if some common sense could be knocked into some of them, but I suppose during rush hour, nobody really cares about order. Even in a country as laid-back as France, rush hour is still rush hour. Yes, even in Bordeaux.

I am moving next week, for real this time. I originally should have moved on November 1st, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the move-in date to my permanent apartment has been delayed again and and again. I have stayed in this temporary residence for so long that they finally decided to kick me out…or well, I think they are indirectly doing so by stating that the reservation will only be booked till December 3rd. The best part of moving is the new location. I think I am going to love living in downtown Bordeaux, right by all the fun and convenience. Moreover, I can take so many more night photos. Those shown two posts ago are just the tip of the iceberg. I anticipate a lot of night walks and photo sessions once I re-settle down!

Once again I had not been actively taking photos this week, but on Sunday (today), I dropped by the city hall area and saw that Christmas festivities have begun! In addition, our very own Pyramid of Vegetables was on display this weekend. Let’s see whether it stands a chance against the pyramid at the Louvre.

We start out with the third cat around the neighbourhood, a black cat. This one was tricky to capture. As soon as I stepped closer, it scampered and hid behind the tree. That was why I was only able to take a picture of it from a distance…

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