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My stories 06: The old green trains

I remember when I was little, I used to take the old green trains with “the adults” from Guangzhou back to my mom’s hometown in Gansu province of China. Then we’d take the train back again, and each way took two days and one night. That route still exists now and I guess the duration is the same even today. When I was very young, we went in the hard sleeper coaches. We even travelled with hard seats once and that was quite a terrible experience…yep. Along the way, there were three stops that left the deepest impression in my memory. The first stop was Wuchang (one of the three major districts that make up the city of Wuhan now), which I can’t be more familiar with in present day. On the return trip to Guangzhou, the train must cross the Yangtze River Bridge before arriving at Wuchang station. Every time we were crossing the bridge, my third grandpa would remark with excitement, “We’re at Wuchang, we’re at Wuchang!” And that was the earliest that “Wuchang” entered my vocabulary as a place in China. The second stop was Zhengzhou. I didn’t know where Zhengzhou was back then (now I know that it’s the capital of Henan province) and I only knew that it was a major station, as the train stopped there for nearly half an hour. The adults would get off the train to stretch and walk around, but I’d always worry that the train would leave before they returned, so I’d keep urging them to get back onto the train. The third stop was Xi’an, also a major station. During those years, there’d be vendors selling food and snacks on the platforms. You didn’t even have to get off the train – you could open the window and buy whatever you wanted. I remember there was someone selling roasted chicken at Xi’an station and oh man, that chicken looked extra mouthwatering and irresistible. But then, the adults never bought anything from the train stations. As a small child, I could only watch as that delicious-looking roasted chicken, which I never got the chance to taste, disappeared in front of my eyes. Today, I can most certainly afford to buy a roasted chicken myself, but no one sells them on the platforms anymore…

Slow green trains on the platform. Nowadays, many people in China choose to travel with the high-speed trains for speed and convenience, but many of the slow train routes, including the one from Guangzhou to Gansu, still exist.

(This short essay was written on August 26, 2019.)

Fun with GCC

February has probably been the busiest and most productive month since coming to France, both in terms of work and fellowship activities. After a few weeks of juggling between projects and finishing experiments, work is finally winding down a bit as I prepare for my visit to Belgium, which is in exactly one week. It’s a bit strange; I feel like I just unpacked, and I have to pack again. Three months – not exactly a long time but not short either. How do you pack for three months?

As for fellowship, the intense series of activities wrapped up with our Lantern Festival celebration on Saturday. It was similar to the Chinese new year celebration, only this time we had more helpers from Paris who brought along a short theatrical play that they performed. There were a riddle-solving contest, as riddle-solving is a traditional activity for the Lantern Festival. It seemed like the participants had tons of fun being part of the celebration, but I think it was much more fun being part of the organizing team. Seeing all the hard work of the past month paying off is worth all the back-aching nights of planning and preparation. Go team GCC!

Before and after the event, I was making an effort to ask my adorable friend Sharon to take as many pictures of me with my fellowship brothers and sisters, because I wanted to have some lovely memories to look at when I’m away. I missed quite a few people as it was hard to get everyone to take pictures with me throughout the busy day, but here are some good ones.

Annie and worship team member and event emcee, Bai Yu. I find that Bai Yu is always smiling and has a special, charming aura about her that makes people feel so happy and comfortable around her ❤ By the way, that big red dot on my face IS a sticker, not a gigantic pimple.

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