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Short travel reflection: Photosynthesis

(written on May 19, 2021, while resting in a shaded area in Hebin Park in Guiyang, China)

A couple of days ago, I happened to review the “plant nutrition” section of the IGCSE biology textbook. At this very moment, with the rich spring foliage in front of my eyes, I imagine the layered cellular structures within each leaf, full of chlorophyll, undergoing photosynthesis to maintain life. I cannot see a single chemical reaction with the naked eye, yet I cannot help but gasp at the exquisite design of the Creator of Life. Observing and immersing in the world with such perspective, everything suddenly becomes wonderful and admirable ❤

Lush green foliage, full of the wonders of life

The last week of 2011

During the last week of 2011, 16 members from the Bordeaux Chinese Christian Fellowship (Groupe Chrétien Chinois de Bordeaux), including those who are no longer in Bordeaux, attended a winter Christian gospel camp that took place in Nouans-le-Fuzelier, a tiny village south of Paris. The 4-day event brought together some 150 attendees from various parts of France, with special guests from Taiwan and the US. It was an unforgettable experience – almost every moment was filled with something to do, and it almost felt like there was a little…too much.

In the midst of four fully-scheduled days of seminars, workshops, games, shows, and interactions at the gospel camp, I would sometimes escape from the crowd to linger in a quiet place by myself. It was no doubt fun to be with so many enthusiastic, passionate, energetic people my age, but some peaceful personal time was much desired and required.

Nouans-le-Fuzelier was, if I may risk offending anyone, in the middle of nowhere. I think the location was chosen intentionally over say, a big city like Paris, so that even though we spent most of our days with other people, we were able to embrace the beauty of nature while renewing our hearts and our minds, away from the suffocation of noise, pollution, and stress. In turn, we were able to truly draw closer to our God, our creator.

Here are some pictures that I took while I was spending some time by myself.

The night before we headed to Nouans-le-Fuzelier, the group from the Bordeaux Chinese Christian Fellowship stayed at a church near Aubervilliers in Greater Paris. This was the view outside the entrance. Truly nothing too spectacular, but the vivid blue sky that night and the mystic clouds gave the whole landscape a feeling of calmness and serenity.

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