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My room is cold

At one point during the night, I was shivering like mad in my room. That was why I dressed more warmly than needed today, although it was a brilliant 16 degrees Celsius outside. Note to self: 16 degrees Celsius is pretty warm.

If I were to describe what I’ve seen of Bordeaux so far in one word, it would be the word “elegance”. When talking to my friends, I’ve told them that there is an indescribable elegance that surrounds the atmosphere wherever I go, and I kind of like it. Elegance is once again the word I am going to use to describe the tramway system. It reminds me of a mini-TGV, fast (in terms of intra-city commute) and efficient. For 192 Euros a year I get unlimited travel within the Bordeaux public transportation system. Converting that into Canadian dollars using today’s exchange rate, that’s roughly $268 a year, which is around 5 times cheaper than what you’d be paying for TTC if you were to get a Metropass every month. Pretty sweet deal.

And yes, I finally have my first set of photos. The following sequence loosely describes my routine of the day.

Bordeaux tram traversing the city

This is a tram taken near the location of my future apartment. I love the sound of the gliding tram – so elegant. I apologize for the redundancy.

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