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October 2018

Since August this year, I’ve been posting a series of photos on my WeChat Moments at the end of each month to sum up the month. Unfortunately I don’t have the original photos for August and September anymore, so I will begin by sharing the October series here. November series coming very soon…

Trip to the Three Gorges Waterfall in the Three Gorges scenic area near Yichang in Hubei province, China, during the National Day week-long holiday. This is not the actual waterfall (which is huge at 102 m) but a small cascade that was on the way to the main attraction itself.

Dew drops on a leaf on the morning after a rainy night – the beautiful wonders of nature never cease to amaze me and bring joy to my routine everyday commute!

Fresh morning air – perhaps the only time that the air could be fresh in this polluted city.

Night in the Optics Valley area.

A fancy fountain pen set that I saw at a new bookstore that opened close to home. Normally I would probably have bought it – and I was tempted – but it was way too pricey to be anything close to worthy.

A collection of doorplates and road signs plastered on a block in the corner of an intersection in the Hankou district of Wuhan.

A dark and foggy morning – drivers would not be able to see farther than 5 m in front of their cars.

Qiaokou Road station on subway line 1, in the Hanyang district. There’s a stretch of line 1 that is completely overground, and being able to see the city outside the windows made the usual subway rides a lot more interesting and bearable.

A walk around Yujia Lake, and as it’s close to where I live, I’ve become quite familiar with it. A rare sunny day – not too hot and not too cold – meant that many people were out and about enjoying the weather before winter truly settled in.

Lucerne may not be perfect

At one point, Switzerland began to feel repetitive. Everything is beautiful, but that’s just it – perfect beauty everywhere that’s just too perfect. A lake in every city, mountains in view at every angle, an impeccable merge of nature and cityscape. As much as I really love Switzerland, I was beginning to feel a little bored of it. I think I truly felt this after a short visit in Lucerne.

Maybe that was why I didn’t stay in Lucerne (or Luzern) for more than one day. Either that, or I didn’t stay long enough to uncover its unique charm. I had previously heard exaggerated claims of how “perfect” it is, and…maybe it is, but the fog hid it the day I was there. Or maybe Lucerne really just isn’t that perfect. But then…who said anything had to be perfect to be appreciated?

It was very foggy in Lucerne. I headed to Rigi not long after arrival, and when I came back, it was already late in the afternoon. I only had time to discover the old town districts of Lucerne, which included the covered Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge) and the water tower over the Reuss river.

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Foggy Bordeaux

Winter didn’t happen in Bordeaux this year. No snow, although snow is rare in Bordeaux in any case, but last year, we had at least two days where snow paralyzed the transit system. I guess even I’m tempted to say, “Spring is coming soon?”

Well, to be fair, there were two days last week where the temperature was slightly lower than the rest of the week, dropping to a low of approximately -3 degrees Celsius. During these two days, fog and mist wrapped Bordeaux in a sheet of translucent white. The air was particularly fresh, even though everywhere you went, fog followed you around and visibility was almost non-existent.

It was beautiful, as if I was seeing everything through a thin screen, a little blurry, a little eerie, a little intricate.

Enshrouded by the delicate mist as I was walking to work one morning, the exterior atmosphere was unusually yet pleasantly refreshing, even mildly invigorating.

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Here and there

Night is wonderful. My 10pm to 7am sleeping schedule has collapsed a few weeks ago, when I rediscovered the magic of the night. Everything feels nicer at night; epiphanies strike, inspirations visit, and the bells of silence resonate so beautifully.

Unfortunately the rain continued from last week, but according to the weather forecast, the end of the streak of rain is near! I haven’t been taking nearly as many pictures as I would have liked, partly due to the gloominess of the rain and partly due to my own laziness. However, on my way back from church today, I noticed how magnificent La Bourse looked at night from across the river, and my desire to photograph has once again been ignited. Also, Christmas lights are starting to be illuminated, and I can’t wait for the night to come alive in the weeks to come! Let’s hope the rain leaves me alone for now.

Today’s collection of photos were scavenged from ones I took earlier but didn’t post. The four night photos were taken last-minute on Friday after work, as I was walking to the tram stop from the lab. I realize this post is sort of half-assed…cut me some slack, I blame everything on the rain.

This was taken a few weeks ago, on a particularly foggy morning as I was walking towards the bus stop. It must have been at least two weeks ago because I only take this path if I take the bus, and I’ve been avoiding the bus for awhile now due to the construction en route. The actual morning was much foggier than it appears in the photo.

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