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Cologne part 2: Christmas edition

Happy new year!

It feels strange to be filling in the second Cologne entry in the new year, especially since it’s been almost a month since the trip has happened, AND Christmas is over. That’s alright though. Everyone loves a bit of Christmas no matter what time of the year it is, right?

I suppose I should explain the lack of updates lately. During my last two weeks in Belgium (for now), my PhD work caught up to me and I was striving for space to breathe. When the winter holidays came, I hurried back to Bordeaux to participate in our annual Christmas Eve church evangelistic event, which by the way was a huge success. Then right after, without any break or rest, I headed to Nouans-le-Fuzelier (a little village south of Paris) with the Bordeaux Chinese Christian Fellowship for a 4-day Christian winter camp. We returned to Paris on December 29th and stayed there for two days, and finally headed back to Bordeaux on December 31st. Between the re-settling down and tidying up and year-end reflections, I haven’t had any time to sit down and write until now.

Oh, what an end of the year. If I’m not too overwhelmed by the end of the week, maybe I’ll do a summary entry. For now, let’s get back to Cologne.

So, Germany is the land of Christmas markets, because that’s where they originated. There were at least 5 Christmas markets within walking distance in downtown Cologne, and this is market #1, right outside the Cologne Dom by the central train station. Of course, this was the first one that I explored since it was right by my hostel. As soon as I dropped off my stuff I rushed to the market hoping that it’d still be open, seeing that it was 10pm. Well, although most of the booths were closed, there were still lots of people out and about – certainly not a lack of Christmas spirit in Germany!

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