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November 2020

November is usually a month in Wuhan where the weather goes on a rollercoaster ride…or rather, the temperature goes up and down and down down down down down. Yep, here we enter winter 2020, welcome. To be fair, the first three weeks of November were blessed with some gorgeous sunshine and it was so warm and comfortable that you weren’t sure if winter would ever come. Then it came and it came quickly and suddenly, with temperatures dropping overnight from 20 to 9 degrees Celsius. Not fun, Mother Nature, not fun.

Standing on the pedestrian overpass and looking down onto the busy street, I played around with some light settings on my phone one evening. This was before it got unbearably cold…

Bike sharing is both a godsend and a plague in Wuhan – a godsend when you don’t want to walk and don’t want to take the bus but a plague when you see bikes lined up along the sidewalk, taking up much pedestrian space. It’s reasonable when the bikes are lined up properly and in order but this is not always the case. A lot of times you find stranded bikes here and there, even in the middle of a busy road or just abandoned in the bushes…proper manners, people, please!

Stopping by Ziyang Park in the Wuchang district one evening after dinner, looking across a lake to a pagoda on the other side. It seems to be on sort of an island connected by a bridge, but it was temporarily unreachable. Still, I was surprised that such a place exists in Wuhan. The park looked anything but impressive from the outside, but revealed itself once we stepped inside. Perhaps the Yellow Crane Tower has some competition? Heh.

Obligatory photo of cool cloud formations seen on the way to work. Looks like the heavens are opening up as the cloud curtains make way for the morning rays to burst out.

Ohai there? Met a friend in the commercial area known as the “French-style quarters”, Mr. Red-Dog-With-Sunglasses. Seems like he and Mr. Spinning-Duck-With-Sunglasses, featured in October, could be friends 😛

There were some very nice fall days in November and the colours of the leaves almost looked like they could come close to the brilliance of a Canadian autumn…almost. Well no, not even close, but they were still beautiful and a reminder to cherish the remaining days of autumn before winter arrived.

Found a chic café around my residential area and decided to drop by one leisurely Sunday afternoon for a drink and some quiet reading time. I was reading the Chinese translation of Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel García Márquez and on the last few pages as of writinig this (December 3). Such a good book!!

Got a guitar during the 11/11 sales (equivalent of Black Friday)…finally! I’m surprised it took me that long – 2.5 years after coming to China – as I almost immediately got myself a guitar when I arrived in Glasgow. The lack of space was an issue previously but not a problem now. I had been playing around with an ukelele for a while but now it has a big brother – gotta make sure I don’t mix up the two sets of fingerings!

I don’t cook often nowadays because J is such a good cook, but on free Saturdays I like to cook up something just for fun. This is just a regular meal with nothing too new but it was my first time making curry in Wuhan, and it turned out great! The potato cakes were my third try and still didn’t turn out ideally, and I broke the salmon during a flip 😦 Not perfect, but I’d say overall delicious and I give myself 8 stars 😉

We are now in the final month of 2020, perhaps the most bizarre year that I’ve lived and one that has no doubt been a challenge for most people worldwide. The countdown begins – could 2020 be gone any sooner?!

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