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October 2020

Here we go, year 3 of the monthly summary posts. These started on my WeChat as a reminder for me to observe the details and notice the small delights of everyday life, which are often overlooked especially during hard times. Then I began to realize that I do a lot of these things – write, photograph, share – because it gives me joy to just record even the most random things. And it is important, for far too often we entangle ourselves in the battle against the reality that tries to devour us and forget to live. So it continues – maybe I will stop at the end of three years, as I did for several of my previous projects. We’ll see in a year…

At my workplace, the yueji flowers (Chinese roses) growing next to the entrance to the building across from us blooms each year in around April and November, from what I’ve observed. The bright colours always bring an air of delight to a depressing work campus.

A lone flower encountered during a lunch walk around the work campus. I don’t know what type of flower it is, and a plant recognition identified it as begonia, but I’m still unsure…hmm.

Roots of a huge tree wrapped around the corner of what seemed to be a mock city wall in Yuexiu Park, Guangzhou. I wasn’t sure if the tree was real or artificial but…it looked real enough to me. I had visited Yuexiu Park many times but only noticed this during my recent visit. Looks fascinating when lit up during the night!

Another small discovery during the lunch walks (still doing them while the autumn weather is nice enough to neither sweat nor freeze). Mr. Cool-Propeller-Duck – yes the propeller spins – looks swaggy with his retro sunglasses and gold chain – dang!

Photos of spectacular cloud formations often appear in my monthly summaries because they are always a product of serendipity. The dome at the subway station seems to be a common place where they appear, probably because I usually exit in the morning at the right time to catch the post-sunset show put on by Mother Nature 😛

Chilling with long-lost friends from Glasgow! Well, only about three years, not so long relatively. These two Wuhan natives came home for the Golden Week holidays and J and I were able to meet up with them.

Mr. J imitating this sculpture of a baby/toddler with a huge head in Yuexiu Park. Keep your balance and don’t topple over!

Another photo featuring Mr. J…or is that him at all?! Our feline friend here has taken a liking to Mr. J but didn’t seem to be impressed that the camer was pointed toward her. Classic feline what-are-you-looking-at expression >o:(

And this…was the most random photo ever. It seemed like Mr. J was tired or maybe he was pretending to be sleepy so that he could avoid having to deal with whatever shenanigans I was up to…O_o

Just a side note: US election is the most exciting and worrisome event to happen in a while. I’ve never been into US politics and I’m not even a US citizen, but this seems like the biggest show on Earth of 2020 and I’m eager to see how it turns out. I still remember waking up in Glasgow four years ago to find shockingly that the UK voted yes to Brexit, but this time, because of the time difference in China, I might be able to follow up-to-the-minute reports on the US election…not sure if I want to. All will be revealed tomorrow…

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