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May 2020

After a month of working from home in April, I went back to the office in May, after the Labour Day holidays. The original plan of visiting my hometown Guangzhou during the holidays obviously didn’t work out because of COVID, so J and I stayed in Wuhan during our five days off (it was actually only one day off but I won’t go into details about the ridiculous way China regulates its public “holidays”). By May, the city of Wuhan has revived to a large extent, though everyone is still wearing masks, even at work (a big “UGH”). And summer arrived, woohoo? Not so much woohoo if you know about summer in Wuhan, but at least the heat was still quite mild in May. Let’s see what we were up to 😛

May is usually rainy season in Wuhan and in the previous years, we’ve had some rather severe thunderstorms in May. There was one particularly huge thunderstorm this year, but it happened during the workday so it didn’t affect us that much as we were in the office. These little flowers popped up on my way to work the day after the thunderstorm – how lovely they are! My plant recognition app tells me that they go by the name of hypericum or…St. John’s wort?!! How bizarre O_o

More delicate and pretty flowers popping up here and there, these are garden coreopsis or large-flowered tickseed, says my app.

During one of our weekend city outings, J and I came across this area in a park lined with trees on both sides, with canopies that acted as a natural shield from the sun.

And on my way to work in the early morning, the cloud formations never cease to amaze me. Even though I never look forward to the long workdays ahead, nature still has its way of giving me the surprises that become the little joys of life.

As the weather becomes more suitable for outdoor activity, many peole have begun getting out of their homes after months of COVID lockdown. The East Lake is always a popular and family-friendly location for a trip and is of course a favourable of ours too!

East Lake sceneries during the evening. The top photo was taken using the advanced mode on my phone, which I had never used before. I manually set the aperture and shutter speed and with a bit of luck with the stability of my hands, the photo turned out decent (though the features were a bit too far away).

Light rail train arriving at Qiaokou Road station in Hanyang, same view as the one in the October 2018 post.

Mr. J enjoying the company of some gorgeous yueji, or Chinese roses. Along the road where we were cycling, there was a stretch where these beautiful flowers were blooming their hearts out, as if shouting, “Embrace me! Admire me! Love me!”

Finally a selfie with Mr. J, after months of not posting one (most recent one was in February , with masks in Dalian). We still had our masks here, but took them off when there was no one around. There’s still a long way to go before we go back to mask-free days in Wuhan…if ever 😦

People have been asking me if life is back to normal in Wuhan and the answer is not straightforward. Malls and restaurants (even dine-in services) are open for business, most people are back at work, and public transportation is mostly running normally. But as long as we still have to wear masks in public places, I will not say that life is “back to normal”. OH WELL. Let’s see what June brings 😉

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