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Ely, a detour from Cambridge

A very brief post on my trip to Ely, a city in England that is 20 minutes away from Cambridge by train, making it a perfect (half-)day weekend trip. Ely is known as a “cathedral city”, but it wasn’t only the cathedral that made the visit more than pleasant. It was here that my love for smaller cities and communities was accentuated, as you will see 🙂

There are things that don’t interest me much anymore when I travel (castles, for example) and other things that I don’t think I can ever get enough of (nature, high places, etc.), and cathedrals are one of the rare things that I’m undecided about. Sometimes I feel like every cathedral is the same, but the grandness of some of the ones I’ve seen has truly and genuinely amazed me. Of course, the primary motivation of going to Ely was to see its gigantic cathedral, which was the symbol of the city. And magnificent it was – I must admit that I was impressed.

Going around the cathedral, looking at it closely from all sides, taking photos from every angle possible…

The interior of the cathedral – I didn’t pay the entrance fee to actually go further in and explore the inside because I found the price rather steep.

Meanwhile, some people were sitting in the park by the cathedral, casually chilling and feeding the ducks that were around. Seems like they’ve attracted quite a crowd 😛 In August, summer was in full bloom and it was just nice to wander around the city (I’m more tempted to call Ely a town because of its size) and enjoy the sun. Yes, sun in the UK! That’s definitely something to cherish especially during a short summer!

More random tidbits from an afternoon of walking and relaxing around Ely, only the fourth city I’ve visited in England, after London, Manchester, and Cambridge. Gotta make my way down south to visit my neighbours more often 😉

7 responses to “Ely, a detour from Cambridge

  1. Moritz November 24, 2015 at 22:43

    Looks absolutely beautiful. The historic old town of Cambridge is more than just stunning 🙂


  2. Bec J. H. November 24, 2015 at 23:09

    I made a day trip to Ely when I was staying in Cambridge – it was just lovely! Pleased you enjoyed it too 🙂


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