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Street art in Glasgow, part 1

As I’ve gotten to know Glasgow better over the past 10 months, I’ve noticed the rather abundant street art scene in the city. When I was in Louvain-la-Neuve, even such a small university community hid so many treasures within its walls, and Glasgow had the same, if not more, to offer. Of course, Glasgow is a much bigger city compared with LLN, if you could even call LLN a city or town at all. As with the LLN wall art collection, I’ve gone around taking photos of wall art from the streets of Glasgow. This will be part 1 because there are still so many that I haven’t had the chance to cover, so expect a part 2 to come eventually 🙂

Let’s start with somewhere close to home. This mural was found outside a tattoo shop right beside the Partick train station. Actually I’m not sure if it was painted on a wall or the door/gate of the shop – mental note to self to check when I pass by the place again.

Another piece next to Partick is this image or a girl on a gigantic side wall of a building. She appears to be a gardener of some sort (?) but the position of one of the windows near her hands makes it look like she’s holding some kind of smartphone or tablet. Perfect evidence of technology infiltrating my mind and my everyday life!

Yet another large mural, this one right outside Partick station. There are actually three similar ones portraying different sports – this one for rugby – and I believe they were put up to promote the 2014 Commonwealth Games that took place in Glasgow.

Perhaps the most well-known street artist in Glasgow is a guy known as “Rogue-one”. His works are scattered all over the city, and there is even an official mural trail where many of his works can be traced. “The floating taxi” is likely his most famous piece, found in an inconspicuous street in downtown Glasgow. I captured this shot at the right time as a real taxi was passing by the exact spot where the mural taxi was being lifted by the balloons. I wonder if taxis really could fly…

…and here’s a frontal view of the floating taxi mural. Clearly the guy in the corner wanted to hitch a free ride, but the taxi driver was all “I believe I can flyyyyyyyyyy” and floated off without picking up the stranded man. Or maybe the taxi was actually landing, or maybe the man was actually a wizard and he was the one making the taxi float – who knows!! One of these days I’ll have to follow the mural trail and track down more of Rogue-one’s works. I keep telling myself to get out there and explore but my weekends haven’t been so free lately…

I don’t know what this girl on the wall, who was found right next to the floating taxi, was up to, but to me she seemed like an evil scientist with a plot. I know I know, she looks innocent enough, but doesn’t it look like she was overlooking her subjects of research with her magnifying glass and her mighty fingers? Or perhaps she was waiting for passersby to walk by at the most opportune moment for her to pick up… 😮

If I’m not mistaken, these two pieces, which are right next to each other (top one on the left, bottom one on the right), are also by Rogue-one. I’d like to speculate what happened here, especially in the top image. Did Mr.Cat scare away the bird, apparently one with rainbow-coloured feathers, in the cage? If so, whence did the bird escape from the cage? Don’t tell me the cat ate the bird! Or perhaps the bird was a lie in the first place…oh, the possibilities!

So this is the end of part 1, but I’ll be sure to motivate myself to get out there and find the many more murals around Glasgow. I’ve already seen the one at Cowcaddens station, just haven’t taken a photo of it. I’ve also passed by a few other ones while walking downtown, including the puppet one, so definitely stay tuned for part 2!

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