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The Glasgow Necropolis

One of the most prominent landmarks of Glasgow is the Necropolis, a Victorian cemetery situated on a hill next to the Glasgow Cathedral in the eastern parts of the city. What prompted me to go to the Necropolis on the first Saturday after my arrival in Glasgow (beginning of November) was first of all the unusually lovely blue sky that appeared after 4 days of rain. Also, the map of the Necropolis showed winding trails indicative of a chance to hike. Before winter arrived, I thought, why not go for a stroll?

It wasn’t the first time I was taking a leisurely walk in a cemetery. Previously I’ve visited St.Marx Cemetery in Vienna and Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Toronto, and both were very different experiences. While St.Marx was made even gloomier than usual with gray clouds and a heavy atmosphere, Mount Pleasant was…well, very pleasant on a breezy spring afternoon. When I told my boss that I went for a stroll at the Necropolis, he appeared amused and joked, “What a pleasant place to take a walk!” And I replied, “Yes it was!” Maybe semi-jokingly too, but seriously, for the most part.

How pleasant was the Necropolis compared with St.Marx and Mount Pleasant? I will let the photos speak for themselves 🙂

Cemetery on a hill

Graves of the ones that rest

The sky is blue and the air is crisp

The sun begins to set over Glasgow

Glasgow Cathedral (left) and Royal Infirmary (right)

A winding road through the homes of the sleeping souls

Eerie silence


Rest in peace

3 responses to “The Glasgow Necropolis

  1. darwinontherocks March 12, 2015 at 07:27

    It is pretty amazing ! We were very tempted to visit, but we also have heard that glasgow is not very safe. What’s your feeling about it ?


    • Annie Bananie March 12, 2015 at 08:18

      Having lived here for a few months, I don’t find it unsafe, though it suppose it varies in different parts of the city. It’s true though that if I didn’t get a job here I probably wouldn’t consider visiting. The nearby Edinburgh seems much more attractive as a stop during travels whereas Glasgow is more of a metropolitan area, I suppose


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