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A tour of my office

I was poking around my office and noticed some strange and amusing things scattered around. Apparently the previous occupants of my shared office had an interesting sense of humour. As we are located in the “basement” of a building (our window is situated at ground level…relative to the campus, not the office), and the Glaswegian skies are almost always some shade of gray (no references intended what-so-ever), I guess my colleagues decided to brighten up the place a little. Here are some of the funny/weird/absurd/WTF things that I found around my workspace.

Meet Mr. Lego Rabbit, or 3D pixelated rabbit, or whatever you wish to call him. Not sure if he actually belongs to anyone, but he was just sitting on a shelf, probably observing us as we work…or pretending to work in our office. He isn’t Bunnicula…right?

This photo was taken about two weeks ago and the big IKEA bag with the beer bottles have since then been removed from the office. Huh…seems like some sort of wild party has been happening around here. At least they’re not empty whisky bottles, or else I’d be a bit concerned.

These very colourful hula hoops have been sitting around in the corner and I wonder to whom they belonged and what purposes they served. Maybe a team of hula hoop dancers used to occupy this office…

If you’re into origami, here’s something that you might find very useful – instructions to make origami rooster, fox, cat, dog, and yacht. That’s actually not a bad idea. Maybe I should make a copy of this and take it to the lab so that I have something to do while I wait for a reaction to run.

And THIS…is my demise. I’m not sure whether I should smile or frown at it. Someone must really enjoy electrical engineering but all this brought me was painful memories of my circuits course in 3rd year undergrad. The 😦 in the circuit sufficiently describes how I feel about it. But OK…whoever designed this one gets credit for making it super amusing and less horrifying than it should be. I particularly liked the path to the centre of the sun, the ground connected to holy water, the electric eel, and the random methyl group stuck in there. Good job.

I did not personally verify the data, but the correlation almost seems to be a direct linear one. Maybe someone has already written a paper about the relationship between chocolate consumption and winning the Nobel prize? Interesting observation.

I’m not sure why the person who drew this picture dislikes rabbits, but Mr. Lego Rabbit in the first photo had better watch out. Seems like someone doesn’t want him around here 😦

You know, sometimes you just have to have the talent to do something or else just be DESTINED to do it. Not every job is for everyone, and no one puts it better than my clever friend the scarecrow here. Well played, sir, WELL PLAYED. This has got to be one of the best puns I’ve come across. I wonder if anyone has ever asked him about job satisfaction…?

I’m still trying to figure out the tipping etiquette in Scotland, but that’s not the main focus here. The point here is…the tip cup is so high up on the board that nobody could reach it even if they wanted to tip anyone (for whatever reason) in the office! Also, Mr. Tip Cup’s eyes kind of look scary and his smile a bit intimidating >_<

I don’t know how/where people find these funny images, but I certainly enjoy them. Tetris lovers can definitely identify with this one here, although the “heaven” scenario is all but wishful thinking. I guess “hell” is also not very likely to happen, unless you’re playing Tetris designed by some evil twisted individual 😛

Venn diagrams, woohoo! I guess none of these elements are very friendly to humans, huh.

Finally, at the corner of the office board are some roses, a red blob with a white hard hat, and a note left behind by a previous occupant of the office (probably). The red blob is kind of cute and the hard hat makes me miss the days in engineering undergrad. As for whoever wrote the note, I would probably miss you if I knew you… 😦

7 responses to “A tour of my office

  1. allthoughtswork November 19, 2014 at 05:30

    Here in Portland, Oregon, with weather very similar to Glasgow and with just as many men inexplicably wearing kilts and shorts year round, we solve our meteorological dilemma the old fashioned way, by drinking. Scotch, coffee, blackberry smoothies, it only depends on the time of day.

    Secondly, that rabbit is giving me pre-nightmares:


    • Annie Bananie November 19, 2014 at 11:35

      Oh, I am sure the drinking will kick in soon, once I find my way around here 😉 And that video just convinced me that Mr. Lego Rabbit is a vampire that somehow bypassed the “rabbit prosecution” warning and infiltrated our office =\


  2. allthoughtswork November 19, 2014 at 18:28

    Better test it. Put the evil thing in the sun (if you can find any) and see if it bursts into flames. If no flames, try the microwave. Last resort: cover completely with paper bag inscribed with “In Case of Faculty Meeting, Pull Bag.”


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