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Short travel reflection: Originality

Written on January 11 in Lucerne: Do cities lose their “originality” as you travel more? Places begin to resemble each other and the sense of uniqueness is more difficult to find in new destinations. Often I find that certain cities remind me of other places I’ve been to. For example, Lucerne is the combination of Annecy and Strasbourg. Bologna is like an Italian version of Bordeaux, and Pornic is the complicated child of Biarritz, Cherbourg, and Tobermory. Perhaps one challenge of a traveler is to constantly give himself new eyes to discover what is special about each place he sees. Or is it perfectly normal to admit that beauty can be redundant? A difference in mentality that one holds during travel may change everything, but you also have to be true to your heart…

Cherbourg, France, November 2011

4 responses to “Short travel reflection: Originality

  1. backpackbee March 23, 2014 at 18:06

    Great thoughts… I often find that if it’s in a comparable country like Japan to Korea.. there are only slight differences. I feel the same goes for other places as well. When I get to Paris and do a European tour I think that I will feel differently until I’ve done similar places too. Does that make sense?


    • Annie Bananie March 23, 2014 at 19:16

      “…I think that I will feel differently until I’ve done similar places” – I’m not sure I understood that correctly. Do you mean that you expect places to be different, but find out that in fact a lot of cities are quite similar?

      A friend once told me that seeing the same types of architecture in Europe gets boring. For me, I think that beauty is beauty and it is fascinating no matter where it is. That doesn’t mean I LIKE every place I go to (I don’t like Paris, Bruges, and Amsterdam) but I don’t deny that they are beautiful. However, as time went on I did start to get bored. The mountains and lakes in Switzerland are stunning but every Swiss town gives me the exact same feeling. Somehow it made me feel that I was losing the ability to appreciate. Then again, I am becoming more and more comfortable admitting that I don’t like every city I go to 😛


      • backpackbee March 24, 2014 at 06:30

        I understand what you are saying completely. Yes, I should have just said, I expect places to be different but often find them to be similar. It was before my 6am coffee…sorry about that.


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