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Meanwhile, in Canada…

I just thought I’d make it officially known that I’ve been back in Toronto, Canada for almost a month. February has been a slow month of resettling down at home, meeting up with old friends, and beginning the tedious job application process. Meanwhile, I’ve had some time to reflect and reorganize my luggage, my photos, my writing, and most important, my thoughts and mentality.

Perhaps I’m still in the withdrawal stage after realizing that I’m back home “for good” (at least “for now”). Just as I was amazed to wake up every morning for the past three years to realize that I was in Europe, I am now amazed – in disbelief and even denial – that I am in Canada. Which is strange. One would think that I could get used to this place in a flash because after all, it is home. Is it not? Yet there is a sense of unfamiliarity that looms over me everywhere I go. I miss the sound of the trams in Bordeaux and the aroma of Bordelais wine. I crave the independence of living on my own and there is not one single day that passes by without me thinking, “I need to get out of this house.”

I mean no disrespect for my family or my country, and I admit – after the 3-year period of indulgence, I do tend to take home and Canada for granted. Nevertheless, I am enjoying the company of my family – minus the pressure and expectations all over again – and I actually do like the snow and the cold weather this winter. In my mind, this is what real winter is supposed to be like – a city covered in a gleaming white blanket and bone-chilling winds that freeze all emotions. All I could say is…NICE.

Dashing through the snow remained a childhood memory…until this year. I’ve heard that the three Canadian winters that I’ve missed were very mild, and this was certainly not a very WARM welcome back, but I love it. Lots and lots of snow – now THAT’S real winter and something this Canadian girl has missed dearly πŸ˜‰ On a side note – shoveling snow really should be Canada’s national sport πŸ˜›

So as I am still relatively free during this period of time, I was reflecting on what I will do with this blog since I am no longer in Europe and the chances of me returning anytime soon is rather slim. Will the blog still be about Annie’s adventures “in Europe”? Will there be enough content to continue writing? Will I even continue to write at all?

The answer to all of these questions is…yes. Documenting my life and my travels throughout these years has become such a huge part of me that I feel somewhat dependent on it, as if it is a faithful ritual that defines my life. The blog is somehow like a photo memoir to remind me that I once had the luxurious privilege to roam in one of the most beautiful and diverse continents on Earth. And it will continue on. I’ve accumulated so much memory and so many photos throughout my travels that it’d take years to exhaust them in writing. There will always be something to reminisce about and in turn, something to write about. So, I will write as if nothing has changed, but I will probably integrate some elements of daily life in Canada as well as past and future non-European travels in the blog. Also, I will from time to time post some thoughts and rants I had jotted down on my journeys, to add even more diversity to the content. So, I hope that you will stay with me as I continue to share my words and images with you. And please note that I appreciate your support very much πŸ˜‰

February 08, 2014 – “Dear outline of buildings in a distance, thanks for reminding me to appreciate the little beauties in life (like you) so that I am content wherever I am. – Annie”

Coming up next:
– Switzerland (Lucerne, Mount Rigi, Rhine Falls, Schaffhausen, Bern)
– Austria (Vienna, Hallstatt)
– Bratislava in Slovakia, the place that stole my heart
– Iceland (hands down my favourite destination ever)
– Paris with dad
– From high places parts 3 and 4
– Short travel rambles series
– Restaurant series
– Many more… πŸ™‚

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