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2013 in pictures

So, 2013 was the first full year that I’m sure I’ve taken at least one photo a day. Even though I started the Picture Worthy project in January 2012, there were two weeks at the beginning of January 2012 where I hadn’t been photographing. I did a post on 2012 in pictures, highlighting one photo from each month taken from the Picture Worthy blog. Here is the 2013 edition.

January 30, 2013 – Vineyard #2: “There’s a magnificent view of a vineyard from the window of a friend’s place, but during the winter, there’s nothing but sticks. Yet, even though it was already dark when I took this photo, the clouds tonight made a dramatic backdrop. There was no tripod or anything that could act as one for Mr.Canon near the window, so I maxed the ISO and this is how it turned out. A bit blurry perhaps, but the effect is interesting. The blur and the noise made the whole picture look somewhat like a painting than a photo, and I like that. Quite unexpected, indeed.”

Comments: I’m still quite amazed at the way this photo turned out. It actually makes me want to learn to paint in an attempt to recreate this as a painting. To all the true artists out there: how feasible is this rather bizarre idea?

February 15, 2013 – Earthworm: “I’m not a fan of worms, but on my way to IECB from Doyen Brus tram stop, I passed by this little guy wiggling its way across the parking lot. Slowly but surely, one step at a time, it will reach its destination, wherever that is. You go, little guy!”

Comments: I think one of my least favourite things on Earth has got to be the earthworm…no pun intended, if that even counts as one at all. Yet somehow the contrast between the worm and the ground in this photo struck me as something…beautiful. Sometimes photography really does strange things to you…

March 07, 2013 – Jump: “Upon Li Yang’s arrival in Bordeaux, I took him to a night stroll along the Garonne, with JJ and Penguin. When we passed by Place de la Bourse, we were disappointed to find out that the Miroir d’Eau wasn’t active. Still, that didn’t stop the three of them from making some big jumps in front of the splendid Bourse ;)”

Comments: LY’s visit to Bordeaux was the beginning of a long series of travels around Europe in 2013. In fact, this brings about today’s random but stunning (at least for me) epiphany: 2013 was also the first full year since 1995 in which I haven’t spent a single day in Canada.

April 06, 2013 – Eggs with emotions: “Eggs have feelings too, apparently. This is certainly a very emotional family of eggs. Some of them are happy to have a warm shelter to call home. Others are perhaps mourning the loss of the three others… :(“

Comments: April was the month when I entered full throttle thesis-writing mode. When things got tough in Belgium – and things were REALLY tough in Belgium in April – I found little things to do here and there to take my mind off of the thesis for a little while. Of course, these things include drawing faces on eggs.

May 25, 2013 – Fête le Fleuve #2: “The boats have arrived in Bordeaux for Fête le Fleuve, the River Festival! Unfortunately I’m away all week next week, which is when all the activities are happening, so I dropped by the riverside tonight for a quick look at the festivities as it is a rare warm and non-rainy day. Let the celebrations begin!”

Comments: Events like Fête le Fleuve in Bordeaux or the fête de la musique, which takes place all around France, makes our cities come alive. There is also something happening within the proximity of where I live and I feel like I could just go out any day and not be bored.

June 06, 2013 – Double bass: “It’s been a while since I’ve gone to see an orchestra, and I was so excited to finally see Sarasate’s Carmen Fantasy! The concert hasn’t started yet, but the bass is ready for a good show!”

Comments: Ah, Carmen Fantasy. What a great performance! Another phenomenal performance I saw this year was Dvorak’s New World Symphony in November.

July 06, 2013 – Indulgence: “Today’s lunch was an indulgent seafood meal shared with a friend. It consisted of 25 raw oysters, 1 kg of mussels, 500 g of each of shrimps, sea snails, and clams, some kimchi and some strawberries, all bought from our very on Capucins market. I’m not sure what went through our heads when we decided to do this but hey, it was a magnificently glorious feast, and we had no regrets 😀 “

Comments: Oh dear…I have no idea how this started, but it was certainly a satisfyingly indulgent lunch that is doomed to be repeated…tomorrow, in fact. Yep, seafood meal is happening again tomorrow night with the same friend plus another. Hey, at least we tried to add some balance by including a bowl of kimchi and fresh strawberries…although you might as well say they were just decoys 😛

August 29, 2013 – Let her eat cake: “Annie wanted to eat cake for dessert today, and so she did. It was conveniently achieved as there’s a bakery just downstairs. And cake is the best companion for Annie on a super saiyan thesis afternoon. Aller!”

Comments: Food again? No wonder Annie’s tummy never shrinks… 😦 But c’mon, a piece of cake is only a fair reward for a girl who had been working hard on her thesis, no? And this was in late August, the most crucial period before submission…excuse validated!

September 28, 2013 – Baptised: “Congratulations to the four ladies that got baptised at the Cenon church during a stormy night! Thunder and rain dominated the night but that didn’t dim our joyful hearts, even though the baptism took place semi-outdoors. Praise the Lord :)”

Comments: This baptism was special to me because the same day was my birthday, and I felt like I was sharing my birthday with the four girls that got baptised. Various unforeseen circumstances actually put a heavy weight on my heart on that very day, but in retrospect, it was a very joyful and exciting moment for the GCC and I am thankful, no matter what, that God has put me there through ups and downs. And I STILL haven’t left 😉

October 31, 2013 – Autumn grounds: “The end of autumn is near, and orange leafs are still covering the ground outside the lab. The temperature is dropping sharply. Winter will be here soon.”

Comments: I think this photo was taken completely unintentionally, but somehow the blur created a nice effect. It’s interesting to remark that I’ve spent the past three Octobers in Louvain-la-Neuve, experiencing the most beautiful autumns I’ve known. Belgium, how small you are, yet how many surprises you hide!

November 20, 2013 – Snowy night in Belgium: “This photo was taken at 10pm, I kid you not. Thanks to the streetlights and Mr.Nikon’s exposure time, it was made to look like it was taken during the day. The point is, Belgium decided to give me a great big surprise the night before I left…SNOW. Not that I have a problem with it though – I love snow! In fact, I didn’t see real snow at all last year. I was quite impressed that a few hours ago, there was no sign of rain or snow and now, car roofs are covered in white. It must be a farewell present, my last memory of Belgium. Bonne nuit :)”

Comments: Less than a month later, we entered WINTER in Belgium! Ha! I don’t know if it is snowing in Belgium now, but I sure was glad that my parting gift from Belgium was snow, as it would probably be the only European snow I see this “winter” season. (You might as well ask what is winter; it’s been so warm lately that I feel like summer is coming. Then again, I guess I don’t need to worry about missing winter once I am back in Toronto at the end of January…)

December 08, 2013 – Dad in Bordeaux: “The original lunch plan was to eat at L’Entrecôte, but the line was too unpleasantly long that dad and I decided to just take a stroll in the Christmas market and eat what we could find there. We ended up getting two Basque-style sandwiches and some hot wine, quite perfect for a chilly day!”

Comments: Dad’s visit to Bordeaux and our travels in Europe were the highlight of the year and I had been anticipating his arrival for a very very long time. The days went by as quickly as they came, and my dad has been back in Toronto for almost two weeks, but I will be seeing him again very soon ❤

Alors, Picture Worthy is nearing the end of Year 2, so it's again time to contemplate whether I want to continue doing this "one picture a day" thing or just drop it at the end of Year 2. It's almost become a habit, taking photos as part of my daily routine, and while some perseverance is required, I always managed to find unexpected surprises waiting for me around the corner. A few options crossed my mind: (1) Continue until photo #1000, (2) continue indefinitely, taking a new photo a day, and (3) continue indefinitely, posting a picture a day from previously taken photos. Well, I have 16 more days to decide…

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