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Paris, take 7

7th trip to Paris was accomplished with SF as a visitor in October. The only reason I would go to Paris now is to take visiting friends around in the emblem of France, and at this point, only with friends would I find this city any interesting. I’m not going to continue with my “Paris bash” or else everyone would start throwing darts at me…

So this trip to Paris actually brought me to some places I hadn’t yet been to or had passed by but never entered. SF sure made an awesome companion, even though I was quite horrible at navigation and got us lost a few times…oops. I think I made up for it by being able to ask for directions in French. We’re even then, SF?

SF and I decided to meet in front of the pyramid of the Louvre after he finished with the exploration inside, but of course, I forgot that the central pyramid is HUGE and that there were many sides where we could have met. Thankfully he did exit from the pyramid as I stood there browsing the faces of the tourists. Bienvenue en France!

Louvre, Notre Dame (pictured above), Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, Champs-Élysées, Arc de Triomphe – these are the typical “must dos” in Paris for a first-time visitor. However, I think the highlight of this trip was definitely running around getting lost with SF, observing locals eating baguettes, commenting on the ferocious sound of beautiful cars (according to SF), mapping out our next destinations…and the little things. Oh how I missed those days with SF…and it just felt a little…reminiscent, I guess?

Here is a new place for me – Jardin des Plantes. I’ve only gone to the Luxembourg garden before and didn’t even know this Jardin des Plantes existed. Cool little garden – or not so little, actually, as it was comparable to the size of the Luxembourg garden.

The day was unconventionally warm and beautiful for a day in late-October, something I was very thankful about on both days of my stay in Paris.

Oh hello there. What do we have here, artwork by Jaume Plensa? And I thought they only existed in Bordeaux temporarily (one is permanent now) but we found another one in the Jardin des Plantes!

Next point of interest: Panthéon in Paris. It is a building housing the burial place of French people who have made a contribution to the country and is one of those places that I keep passing by but never entered. Also, it’s one of those places that has free entry for European citizens (including holders of residence permits) between the ages of 18-25. And I turned 26 in September…bah. First time I had to pay to go into many of these places in Paris!

I gotta say, though, that the Panthéon impressed me both in terms of architecture and the number of people that it pays tribute to. Off the top of my head I could think of Voltaire, Marie and Pierre Curie, Alexandre Dumas, and Victor Hugo. There were lots of names that I’ve heard of (road names and tram stops) but didn’t know about until I saw their descriptions in the Panthéon. “Ah, so that’s what this person did!” (Gambetta, for example.)

We end with saying goodbye to Voltaire’s statue stands in the crypt of the Panthéon…

Brief entry with a few pictures, but nonetheless a memorable stay mostly because I got to meet my long-lost nano friend after some years. Boston next time?

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