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Sculptures of Bordeaux

Like the Saint-André post, I’ve been planning the “Sculptures of Bordeaux” entry for quite a while, and though short and brief, here it is!

You may have noticed another 3-week gap in updates – I apologize! I promise I’ve been working hard though 😉

A copy of the Gloria Victis bronze statue is found in Bordeaux at Place Pey Berland, right in front of the north entrance of Saint-André. The original can be found in Washington DC.

A random sculpture located in Parc Peixotto.

A sculpture of Louis-Urbain-Aubert de Tourny stands in the middle of Place de Tourny in Bordeaux.

The sun rises behind the huge column – the column of the Girondins – at Place des Quinconces. At the top of the column is Bordeaux’s very own statue of liberty.

A sculpture in front of St.André hospital, with an inscription below that says, “Aux enfants de la Gironde morts pour la patrie, 1870-1871” (“To the children of Gironde who died for the country, 1870-1871”). Brief research led me to believe that it may have been referring to the War of 1870.

One of the many sculptures found in the garden behind the city hall.

Sculpture dedicated to another famous French, Montesquieu. The University of Bordeaux IV is also named the University of Bordeaux Montesquieu.

At Pessac Centre, a lady writes a list of names of people who died for France, on a giant stone tablet.

Sculptures at the fountain in the middle of Place de la Bourse, at night.

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