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A mission in Portugal, part 2 – Óbidos

The second part of the Portuguese mission took place in a little place called Óbidos some 80 kilometres north of Lisbon. I wanted to visit Sintra, but some of the IDS-FunMates have already been there (5 times for Carole!) So we decided to go somewhere that nobody had been to, and Óbidos it was! Originally it was supposed to be only Carole and me, but Tomin, Lo, and Tuyen joined after a little bit of convincing (or none at all). The more the merrier!

Óbidos is a medieval town that was once a wedding gift from a king to her queen, marked by a castle and surrounded by aged city walls. It was similar to other medieval towns I’ve been to, like Carcassonne and Saint-Émilion, and a fun place to spend a relaxing Sunday 😉

A sign at the entrance gate of Óbidos for the medieval market that takes place in July and August. Óbidos has been a national monument since 1951. Another sign says, “It shelters the oratory dedicated to the patroness of Óbidos, Our Lady of Piety, concluded in the 17th century, with remarkable tile covering from 1740-45.”

A small church in the centre of Óbidos, accompanied by blue sky, pleasant temperature – an ideal day for travel.

Randomly wandering around Óbidos. The place is small enough that you won’t get lost. And it’s surrounded by a wall; where could you go?

Ginja, or cherry liqueur, is a specialty of Óbidos. At 20% alcohol content, it is a sweet drink served in tiny chocolate cups. After taking the shot, you eat the chocolate and leave no trace of it behind 😀

Mmm, I liked it. Even though I only tried one small shot, I liked it enough that I bought a whole bunch of small ginja bottles as gifts for my friends.

After wandering in the town, the group mounted the walls surrounding Óbidos. Oh, those steps were certainly tall and narrow. Be careful, or you might fall off the edge!

Seeing Óbidos from a different perspective was definitely the highlight of the trip for me. We followed the walls and walked all around the small town.

Óbidos from up high.

Time for a group photo! Thanks, IDS-FunMates, you guys made my stay a super one. See you again someday!

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