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IDS 2013 part 3 – Annecy, post-training school

Ever since I saw the photo of Annecy in LC’s post, I’ve wanted to visit this little city in the east of France. Well, I didn’t even have to plan it, because the training school took place in Annecy this year. While we weren’t in the city center during the week, the training ended on a Friday afternoon, so it only made sense to stay one more night in (the real) Annecy to see what it truly has to offer. I had heard so many great thing about Annecy, and I was more than a bit excited to finally visit!

This time around, there were 10 people in the group, including me. And that’s only in my “official” group. Others who weren’t part of my planning joined in later, and we even bumped into some unexpected friends at the hostel! It seemed like the Annecy hostel was mostly IDS-filled that Friday night, ha!

To see the full Annecy photo album, click here.

I rarely start off the post with a photo of me, but this is my favourite photo taken of me during the entire training school trip, by the Thiou canal in Annecy. It had been such a fulfilling week and I was just so…happy! So happy to be surrounded by fun, lovely people, so happy to be in touch with nature, so happy to get the chance to explore, so happy to feel like I’m doing what I love again.

Annecy is quite a small town, as we’d discover later, and that’s perfect for me. Throughout the two and a half years of travelling in Europe, I can definitely say that I prefer smaller, quieter towns over busy ones (Brussels is an exception). Instead of spending a day in Paris or Amsterdam, I’d much rather take a little stroll in Dinant, Bergerac, or now, Annecy 😉

What is this…Pokeball sighted in Annecy?!! Relax, it’s just chocolate, though it would have been awesome if they were real! What’s that Pokemon, Voltorb? Let me check…yes! Voltorb indeed! It’s good to know that my Pokemon knowledge still hasn’t shrunk after so many years…

Time to head to Lake Annecy! Sometimes I have difficulties with depth perception, especially when looking at mountains. I realized this for the first time when I visited Tai-O in Hong Kong three years ago. Is that mountain REALLY far from me, or is it REALLY close to me? At times it feels like both, and my eyes play tricks on me @_@ Anyway, the group decided to relax a bit and head to the lakefront, while Dan and Erin went to the supermarket to grab some cheese, bread, ham, and wine for the group. A classy picnic? Pourquoi pas!

Yes! Superman came along, by the name of…EDGAR! The row of guys sitting down has mostly already been introduced in the Lausanne entry – Jiang, Xuesong, Tomin, Yi-Shiang, and Hanbin, new addition to the group.

Later in the afternoon, while half of the group decided that they’d have raclette for dinner, the other half (including me) decided to split and say “no thanks”. (I’ve had raclette before, and didn’t particularly feel like having it that night.) So we headed back to the hostel to rest a bit before going out to look for food. In the backyard of the hostel, we found a ping pong table and immediately, Xuesong and Jiang started their intense battle. Who’s the best? Well we’d never found out, because the ping pong ball dropped into a hole and was never found again…good job, guys.

Night is the best time for photography, and after food, I felt all energetic and ready to explore again! With Tomin and Hanbin, we headed into the old town again to find places that we missed in the afternoon, including areas around the Thiou canal that flows right into Lake Annecy.

Turning 180 degrees from the view above, we come face to face with the Palais de l’Ile. Sadly I didn’t have a tripod with me, so Mr.Nikon had to stand on a slightly tilted surface, but the palace still looked stunning as it was reflected in the Thiou.

As we were wandering around without knowing where we were going, I looked up and saw a towering structure above me. Promptly I pointed upwards and said, “Hey guys, let’s go up there!” Tomin and Hanbin didn’t seem to mind the climb, as it was quite a warm night with a comfortable temperature and such a relaxing atmosphere, so we headed up, up, and up. It turns out that we arrived at the Musée-château d’Annecy, though of course at around 9pm, no one was there anymore. We did spend a good 20 minutes at the courtyard in front of the castle, looking at the sky and enjoying a good company 🙂

Back in the old town, the three of us decided to drop by Lake Annecy one more time before heading back to the hostel. Now, I SWEAR this is an alien spaceship headquarter. Don’t try to convince me otherwise! That thing in the middle is a spaceship, I’m telling you, and it was about to take off!

So…after witnessing the spectacular take-off of the spaceship (hush, a girl can dream), it was finally time to head back to the hostel and end the night. On the way back, we passed by this cathedral that we already visited in the morning but boy, did it look amazing during the night! The steeple glowed in the dark as if it was the only thing still illuminating the city of Annecy at this hour. Grand.

Alright, we’re almost at the end of the trip. One more stop – Geneva. And I still can’t believe this all happened two weeks ago and that I’m in Belgium now, hoping that April will be over soon (I’ve never before wished so much for a month to be over)…

7 responses to “IDS 2013 part 3 – Annecy, post-training school

  1. My French Heaven April 11, 2013 at 17:14

    What a great post! I love Annecy. I haven’t been there in a long time… You are very lucky. Your pictures really translate the spirit of the place…


  2. Naresh April 14, 2013 at 21:30

    Really nice pictures annie…so are the stories behind all 🙂


  3. photographymemoirs May 18, 2013 at 05:56

    Annecy is absolutely adorable. I had such beautiful memories of this amazing town at the footsteps of the French Alps


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