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Parc Bordelais

I went to Parc Bordelais for the first time before the end of the fall season, just to see the colour of the leaves one last time before they all disappeared from the branches. It was a short afternoon visit, because the sun went down relatively early, but I certainly got some nice Bordeaux autumn photos. There won’t be many words, but hopefully a picture is worth a thousand words. Enjoy 😉

A swan swims so leisurely in the lake.

Red and yellow against green.

The duck is almost camouflaged in the sea of fallen leaves.

Duck: Let me check out my feathers.

Colourful bamboos, my favourite part of the walk in the park.

Pretty red leaves that look like the shape of stars.

A little waterfall in the middle of the park.

White swans swimming nearby the waterfall.

Diverging branches look like the connections of a neural network.

Yellow and purple.

The ducks hang out by the lake before resting for the day.

Sunset hidden behind the trees.

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