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The Swiss Escape, part 3: Zurich

The last stop, then, was Zurich. The first Swiss city I had ever known about is Zurich, when I heard names of various European cities on the weather forecast in China. Of course I had no idea “su li shi” in Chinese was actually Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland, until much later.

The trip to Zurich was mostly a leisurely one with only the Kunsthaus (museum of art) as the must-go destination for my chef. The rest of the time was spent wandering around the city and enjoying the beautiful view of Lake Zurich with none other than the mountain ranges in the distance. So perfect.

A view of the left bank of the Limmat river that runs through Zurich, with guild houses along the river. Zurich has been a top-ranked city in several quality of living surveys in the past few years (and I wonder if the cost of living is directly proportional).

A sign on the door of a cathedral. I would be respectful and obey the instructions but…do not what? >_>

On the left is the St. Peter Church of Zurich, with the largest clock face in Europe, as informed by a fellow traveller we met in Interlaken. It didn’t look all too big, to be honest…

Swans are some of the most graceful and beautiful animals ever. The Limmat should be known as Swan River for the sheer number of swans that we saw that day.

Chef noted that the necks of the swans are generally browner than the rest of their bodies. Could it be because the swans are constantly cleaning themselves with their heads, making their feathers sparkling clean, but couldn’t reach their necks with their mouths? Seemed like a reasonable explanation to me.

And here we arrived at Lake Zurich, so vast, so blue! It must have been wonderful to take a boat ride on the lake, but chef and I just stayed back to absorb the lovely views. I can see what Jay Chow meant when he said he fell in love with Zurich upon seeing the lake 😉

Finally a photo of chef and I together! I love this picture so much. The sky couldn’t be bluer, the clouds couldn’t be whiter, the lake couldn’t be calmer, and my company couldn’t be better. Travelling with chef was one of the most memorable experiences in Europe so far, and I am so grateful that he came along with me on this trip. As a matter of fact, if he didn’t say “let’s go together”, this trip wouldn’t have happened at all as I wouldn’t have wanted a Swiss adventure without a friend. So again, merci mille fois, mon chef!

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