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Short update: Brussels to Bordeaux

Yes dear friends, I am back in France. My trip from Brussels to Bordeaux on Saturday took about 6 and a half hours – 8 and a half if you count the time getting to Brussels from Louvain-la-Neuve. Goodness, I was so tired, mainly sore from carrying heavy luggage, but I’m sure glad to be back!

I’m currently in Anglet for my annual PhD training school. This will be a short update as my days are filled with lectures, presentations, and workshops. Oh, and like last year, internet is only available in the lobby. It’s all good though, the proper entry on Anglet will come next week 😉

The departure station was Brussels-South (or Bruxelles-Midi), and the first stop was Marne-la-Vallée-Chessy station in suburban Paris, where I had a transfer train to Bordeaux. This is actually quite a fancy station, and I believe it’s where people take the bus to Disneyland Paris. Another 4 hours to go…(till Bordeaux, not Disneyland!)

The reason why I love window seats on trains is because I can tape my nose to the window and observe all the beautiful scenery along the way. Even though the TGV was moving at some 200+ km/hr, I still tried to take some pictures as the train bulleted across the country from north to south.

Travelling between Paris and Bordeaux may involve stopping at St.Pierre des Corps station, Poitiers station, and Angoulême station. Poitiers looks super interesting from the train every time I pass by. Cliffs and water…someday I’ll have to get off here and walk around!

Patterns on the back of the TGV seats remind me of tesselations that I learned about in grade 6.

Arriving at Angoulême station. These lines always amuse me greatly.

This is the view of the city of Angoulême. I see this every single time when I travel from Bordeaux to Paris by train, as the TGV zooms by it within a few seconds. The rising hilly landscape is just amazing and I love it so much. It is another one of those places that deserves making a stop someday in the future.

Alright, time for hardcore training school. Less inhumane this year as there are no 9pm lectures, but you will see a lot more details in the entry (entries?) to come. Ciao!


2 responses to “Short update: Brussels to Bordeaux

  1. London Caller April 3, 2012 at 21:56

    Bordeaux? That’s like the Holy Grail for red wine, right? 😉
    I am not really a wine person, more like a cheese person.
    And I love French cheese a lot.

    You’re so lucky to be in France!


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