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Goodbye Toronto, once again.

I’m at the airport waiting to board my flight to Paris via Zurich. There are 45 minutes left in my laptop battery (unless I plug in my adapter which I don’t want to) and about 30 minutes till boarding, so I’ll make this quick.

It’s been nice seeing you again, Canada. Everything was exactly the way it was when I left a year ago, yet nothing was quite the same anymore, especially with people.

Perhaps when I get back to Bordeaux (which will be next week), unpack, and reflect, I wouldn’t have thought that this was such a disappointing trip after all.

I’ve wanted to write a Toronto entry for awhile. I have the images; I just didn’t have the time to blog. Here goes my final entry in Canada.

Goodbye Chinatown at Dundas and Spadina. Really, Scarborough is a Chinatown on its own, so I don’t have to go all the way downtown to get my Chinese goodies, but you’ve served the Toronto community well over these years. Thank you.

Goodbye downtown Toronto, the “real” Toronto, I guess you could say. I liked you, but sometimes I’d rather to stay in my suburbs (i.e. Scarborough and Markham).

Goodbye CN Tower. You’ve been a loyal landmark of Toronto, and we’ve been very proud of you.

Goodbye Mississauga. Derek will disagree if I still insist that it’s part of Toronto, so I’ll let it slide. Those two buildings really do look stunning though, even if I’ve been told that inside, it’s quite inefficient. I like you a lot more now than before. Thank you for housing so many of my friends and making me feel welcomed every time I visit.

Goodbye Wasaga Beach. You’re not Toronto, but our family likes you a lot. It would have been nicer if you gave us bigger waves when we visited you, but we can’t complain. Thanks for the cool embraces.

Goodbye Pacific Mall. Thanks for being our Asian hangout time after time. I don’t really recall buying much there, but I think being inside just makes you feel…right.

Goodbye Tim Horton’s. Thanks for being so Canadian. Thanks for the double double steeped tea and the iced cap. You are dearly missed.

Another look at Timmie’s…hungry yet?

It ends here…told you it’s gonna be quick. In two days I will be in Barcelona. Another adventure begins. See you next week in Bordeaux!

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